The theme of this month's Velocity is intelligence. And they don't come much brighter than Brian Cox OBE and ex-rock star. He's a physicist, and a leading Professor at the University of Manchester. He was previously in the bands D:Ream and Dare, but his mission now is to bring science and the wonders of the universe to popular culture. Our featured city is Cork, boasting great people and a bustling urban centre. And it will become even easier to visit Cork from 1st October, when CityJet commences 18 flights a week there from London City Airport. Drones have often been in the news, for both military and recreational reasons, but we look at how these versatile devices are being used in business for aerial photography, and for carrying out inspections at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial surveillance. Our self-starter series features three entrepreneurs who have made intelligence a vital part of their business. And there's also the chance to win a fabulous trip to Tuscany.